Remember back in January when I said I was behind.  Apparently, that hasn’t changed!  But, I stumbled upon a new to me author!  Introducing…. Meghan Quinn!

Meghan has a unique style of writing.  She is witty and her female characters are walked all over like in so many others in romancelandia.  My first read by Meghan was Co-wrecker.  I thought with that name… what can go wrong?  

Co-wrecker is about two young adults who want to be friends while working together.  But, can they stay just coworkers?  PSSH No!!  What kind of romance book would that be?  It’s fun.  It has a little bit of angst.  Will they get together?  Will they stay apart?  Will Sadie get back together with her ex?  

If you haven’t picked up this book yet, you should.  Co-wrecker is the first in a four book series.

Co-wrecker on Amazon:

Another book I have read by her was:  The Virgin Romance Novelist

Hold on to your hats boys and girls.  This book was a laugh a minute. 

Our main girl, Rosie, is a virgin.  She has just graduated from college and landed her first writing job at a cat magazine.  From her sexual encounters to her bosses clothing choices, this book is HILARIOUS.  I had so much fun reading this.  I had only read the first two sentences before I let two of my fellow Sisters know they needed to add this to their TBR pile right away.   

I am devouring all her books now as most of them are available on KU.  As a bonus for me, Megan is going to be one of the attending authors at Apollycon next month.  I cant wait to meet her and let her know how much I have personally enjoyed reading her romance novels.

Buy link:

Megan has several series out already and a new book called The Trade coming out March 12th!    For more information, here is Meghan’s website and a buy link for The Trade!

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