Bryce Quinlan had the perfect life-working hard all day and partying all night-until a demon murdered her closest friends, leaving her bereft, wounded, and alone. When the accused is behind bars but the crimes start up again, Bryce finds herself at the heart of the investigation. She’ll do whatever it takes to avenge their deaths.

Hunt Athalar is a notorious Fallen angel, now enslaved to the Archangels he once attempted to overthrow. His brutal skills and incredible strength have been set to one purpose-to assassinate his boss’s enemies, no questions asked. But with a demon wreaking havoc in the city, he’s offered an irresistible deal: help Bryce find the murderer, and his freedom will be within reach.

As Bryce and Hunt dig deep into Crescent City’s underbelly, they discover a dark power that threatens everything and everyone they hold dear, and they find, in each other, a blazing passion-one that could set them both free, if they’d only let it.

Let me just say, this book was AMAZING! The first 200 pages were quite hard for me to get through, however. There was so much information being thrown my way. I wasn’t quite sure how to process all of it. This is a giant book weighing in at almost 800 pages. Part of me wishes that I could go back and just re-read the beginning because it would make more sense now that I’ve actually finished the story. Once you wade your way through the amazing world building, the story makes it totally worth it!

World building – WOW, just WOW! Sarah is very good at setting up the book and putting the reader right inside the world of Crescent City. The creativity behind this book just astounds me. How someone can come up with such intricate ideas like that, blows me away.

Characters – I absolutely adored Bryce! I’m all about that snarky! She’s so quick tongued and brilliant. She has to hold so much into herself. Her character really, really grows almost overnight. Hunt….HUNT! I just want to pull him in for a tight hug. This poor guy has been through Hel and back, literally. He also has to hold so much in. All he wants is his freedom. He’s willing to do just about anything to get out of his bargain and no longer be a slave. So many times I just wanted to cry on his behalf. Bryce and Hunt make and amazing team! I really hope we get to see more of them in the next book!

Plot – This book….I swear to you. The plot is like spot on. Yes, you have to get through all the world building to get to that amazing plot. Sarah is such a good story teller. Every single one of her books make a full circle. This one totally comes full circle for me. She’s really good at setting things up and then domino-ing them. Only to turn around and build everything right back up!

Moral of all of this….get a comfy chair and forget about what is going on in the world. This book will take you to another time and place. It’s rated as an Adult Novel, but I didn’t think it was too racy. I would recommend this to someone who enjoys fantasy novels or just loved Sarah J. Maas books in general. I’ve still got a total book hangover after reading this one! My mind is just reeling. The passion, pain, love, friendship, betrayal, murder, and even some laughs! I would say this is a one sit read, but it’s a big boy and make take a few days. Soooo, so worth it!

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