Stop what you are doing and pick up this book:

Pestilence is the first book in the four book series by Laura Thalassa. It is EXCELLENT. The main character, Sara, is a bad ass. She is what you want a female character to be. She doesn’t just stand by and let Pestilence walk all over her.

Our story begins with Sara drawing the short match. She is staying behind to try and kill Pestilence. This gives her friends a fighting chance to escape him and the plague he brings with him. Sara doesn’t know that Pestilence can not be killed. She is taken as his captive. “Only the living suffer.” Pestilence wants to make her suffer and suffer she does. Sara wants to prove that human kind is worth redemption.

This book was unputdownable. Pestilence and Sara are ENEMIES at the beginning of this story. If you are not ok with enemies to lovers, this book is not for you.

To see more here is the buy link for Amazon:

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